5 Reasons Why WordPress is More Secure Than You Think

How secure is WordPress? It’s a common question, and one we’re here to answer. The fact of the matter is that it depends on how you use it and how you configure it; just like any other platform, WordPress can be secured in various ways, so we’ll take an honest look at each of those ways and explore some of the advantages of each configuration along the way. Let’s get started with our top five reasons why WordPress is more secure than you think!

1) WordPress Design

WordPress Design

Designing your site in WordPress will make it more secure than you think. Start with a simple theme and search for plugins that help to improve security. If you’re serious about making your site as secure as possible, consider using third-party hosting and implementing an SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt or a similar service. Every step counts when it comes to making sure your site is as safe as can be – even if most users don’t realize it!

2) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Because users are more likely to find your website when it’s listed on Google, SEO is an effective way to drive traffic to your site.

This means that you need a knowledgeable web developer with SEO experience. Without it, you may as well not even bother trying. So where do you start? There are many aspects of SEO that have nothing to do with plugins or fancy website designs and colors. Here is the one Seomachi

3) Security Against DDoS Attacks

Security Against DDoS Attacks

One of the biggest threats to your website comes from DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks. Essentially, a DDoS attack works by sending thousands or millions of requests to a web server at once, essentially flooding it and slowing it down to a crawl.

This can be accomplished through any number of tools, including botnets. The distributed nature of these attacks means that they’re pretty much impossible for one person to block on their own – you’ll need powerful servers that are built specifically for DDoS protection in order to stop them. Fortunately, many web hosting companies now include DDoS protection as part of their basic packages.

4) Plugins and Widgets

Plugins and Widgets

In addition to its ease of use, there are many reasons why WordPress is more secure than you think. One reason for its superior security: users can easily add plugins and widgets to make their websites even more secure.

Plugins offer additional security measures that can be added to your website. For example, plugins that verify you’re using a secure version of your web server and/or use features like 2-factor authentication (2FA) or HTTPS can keep hackers at bay. However, they don’t come standard with most hosting accounts so you might have to look around for them.

5) Easy to use

Easy to use

WordPress is one of the most widely used publishing platforms on earth, and it’s easy to see why. The software offers a very simple interface that allows users with limited experience to easily manage their content and publish articles in less than an hour.

While other platforms require learning how to code or intensive training, WordPress installs quickly and easily. All you need to do is choose a domain name, download, install and start blogging. If you’re looking for a website but don’t want to mess around with software configuration settings or if you just want a platform that’s as easy as WordPress then look no further than Bluehost for your hosting needs.


Some people will tell you that a static site offers more security because there are fewer possible attack vectors. It makes sense, but in reality, it’s rarely true. The truth is that both static sites and dynamic sites have their strengths and weaknesses—it’s all about implementation. Codespacesolutions

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